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ISO 30000 Certification in Bangladesh

ISO 30000 Certification in Bangladesh

While it’s true that ship recycling contributes greatly to global energy conservation, the fact that the presence of hydrocarbons, asbestos and other hazardous substances can have a great negative repercussion for human health and the environment, can’t be denied. But, by complying with ISO 30000:2009 norm launched by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) covering
1. Ships and marine technology
2. Ship recycling management systems
3. Specifications for management systems
You are bound to reaffirm your environmental friendly ship recycling business practices. We, at Integrated Assessment Services, with our wide range of services including ISO 30000 certification service, help you do it.

ISO 30000 Certification Process at IAS:

IAS, with a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable experts, assesses and issues a ISO 30000 Certificate after the following steps:
1. Preliminary audit (optional)
2. Document Review
3. Certification audit
4. Issue of ISO 30000 Certificate
5. Annual follow-up surveillance audits

Why Integrated Assessment Services?

1. One of the leading ISO 30000 certification bodies in Middle East.
2. For the matchless record of customer satisfaction.
3. Significant audits that can help you comply with the ISO 30000 standards and showcase your commitment to the environment.For years, IAS, a popular as well as recommended ISO 30000 certification body in India, has been serving hundreds of organizations at the most economical rate possible.

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